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Numerology Attitude Number: Meaning and Interpretation

Numerology Attitude Number: Meaning and Interpretation

The Attitude Number comes from the month and day you were born.  As the third component of the numerology chart, it describes your unique personality and the attitude with which you approach life.  The Attitude Number can also provide insight into how others perceive you.  To determine your Attitude number, take your birthday as before, but only focused on the day and month.  Adding the digits together and reducing until you get to a single digit provides the result.

Example: As before, working with December 28th, we have 12/28, which is 1+2+2+8=13.  Now reducing 13, we get 1+3=4, for a final result of 4.

Use the list below to lookup the meaning behind your Attitude Number:

1 = Assertive

2 = Enduring

3 = Versatile

4 = Sensitive

5 = Creative

6 = Analytical

7 = Harmonious

8 = Secretive

9 = Prudent