Numerology Gift Number: Meaning and Interpretation

Numerology Gift Number: Meaning and Interpretation

The Gift Number is the second number of your numerology chart, and it is used to identify your unique gifts and talents.  Have you ever felt like you were swimming against the current?  When we align our efforts with our gifts and talents, it feels like we have the wind at our backs and we are going with the flow.  Calculating the gift number is simple – just take the day portion of your birthday, and add the digits together like we did for the life path number.  If it is greater than 9, continue adding the digits until we reduce the result to a single number.

Example: If you were born on December 28th, you would start with 28.  2+8 = 10, which is larger than 9.  Adding its digits gives you 1+0=1, so this person’s gift number would be 1.

Now you can use your gift number to look up your own unique gifts:

1 = Teaching through leadership

2 = Healing through nurturing

3 = Counseling through motivation

4 = Teaching with information

5 = Teaching with communication

6 = Healing through music and art

7 = Counseling through spirituality

8 = Healer through holistic practice

9 = Counseling through experience

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