Precious Gem Stones to Enhance Numerology Vibration

Precious Gem Stones to Enhance Numerology Vibration

There are many known systems of tying specific gem stones to birth month or day, and numerology is no exception. Based on one’s Life Path Number, there are recommendations for specific precious stones that can enhance your results.  Wearing jewelry with your Life Path’s recommended gem unlocks symmetry between your soul’s vibration and that of the stone.  Because gems take thousands of years to form, they are deeply connected with geological processes and are dense points of connection.   Using precious gems to tap into these connections has long been known intuitively by students of numerology, but is now much more understood as we have advanced our knowledge of how gems are formed.

Each Life Path Number has a specific corresponding gem that will amplify and enhance vibration:

Life Path Number Precious Stone
1 Ruby
2 Pearl
3 Amethyst
4 Sapphire
5 Diamond
6 Emerald
7 Chrysoberyl
8 Aquamarine
9 Coral


The quality of stone is hugely important.  The higher quality gem you use, the stronger your results will be.  In other words, the more pure the internal structure of the gem stone is, the better it aligns with the values and powers you seek to connect with. Gem stone quality is measured based on several factors, primarily clarity and color.  The clarity scale below will help you better judge the expected quality:

IF Clarity Visually clean – internally flawless; free of inclusions.
VVS Clarity Very clean, inclusions; inclusions barely seen under 10x magnification.
VS Clarity Eye clean – very slight inclusions; slight inclusions will be visible by the trained eye, or when viewed under 10x magnification.
SI Clarity Slightly included – Inclusions are noticeable and can be seen with the naked eye.
I1 Clarity Included – inclusions are obvious and can be seen with the naked eye.
Transparent A gemstone having the property of transmitting light without serious diffusion.
Translucent Allowing light to pass through, but not fully transparent.
Opaque Does not allow light to pass through.


Again, it is strongly recommended to get the best gem stone quality you can afford.  VS Clarity or better will offer the best results.

It is often asked if imitation gems or costume gems have the same effect.  Because these are typically made of plastic, they unfortunately offer little to no value in this context.  Though wearing this type of jewelry can enhance your confidence and provide some benefit, it is not actually connecting you to the forces of numerological vibration, and therefore has very limited benefit.  That being said, if you can’t find or afford the right genuine gem, this would be better than nothing and may be a good way to start out.


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