Numerology Life Path: Number Meaning and Interpretation

Numerology Life Path: Number Meaning and Interpretation

When first beginning to study numerology, the Life Path Number is the easiest and best place to start.  It represents the most fundamental aspects of your life, and is the foundation of any numerology chart reading.  The Life Path, or LP Number speaks to the various up and down changes you have and will experience in life, also known as life flow.

Calculating life path number is very simple. First, start with your birthday in standard (MM/DD/YYYY) format.  Write your birthday in this format and then add each number together, getting a single result.  If the result is more than one digit, continue adding the digits together until you arrive with a single digit number.

Example: Feburary 3, 1973 would be written as 2/3/1974.  Adding 2+3+1+9+7+4 = 26.  Because 26 is a 2 digit number, we add its digits like so: 2+6 = 8.  So, our final result is 8.

After deriving this number from your birth date, we can now interpret your Life Path.

Here are the basic numerology interpretations of this number:

Numerology Life Path Number Meanings

To learn more about these meanings, checkout the links below to more detailed descriptions:

  1. Independent Leader
  2. Peaceful Creator
  3. Creative Comedian
  4. Motivated Completionist
  5. Flexible Adventurer
  6. Caring Giver
  7. Keen Intellectual
  8. Powerful Achiever
  9. Noble Giver


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